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Tank Cleaning

Crude oil, fuel oil, hydrocarbon product storage tanks in the refineries and petrochemical plants accumulate oil sludge at the bottom causing corrosion,


Decontamination is the cleaning process using the specially formulated surfactant chemistry to penetrate, extract, emulsify, and remove the hydrocarbon from the equipment

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High Pressure Cleaning

Hight pressure cleaning combines the features of sonic resonance and high-pressure water to break the bond of the scale and the metal. The fouling material can be quickly and safely expelled from the equipment

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Industrial Chemical Cleaning

The formation of various types of corrosion, scales, oil sludges, and deposits in process equipment of the refinery, petrochemical, and oil production occurs frequently.

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Pipe Pig Cleaning

Cupped or foamed pigs with swabs, abrasive materials or wire brushes are pushed through pipe to remove debris, sand, loose coatings, rust, and scale.

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Pre-commissioning Cleaning

All the new refineries and petrochemical plants have many different equipment that need unique engineered service to clean according to manufacture specification

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Various Blasting

There are many forms of blasting to remove paint, such as walnut shells, sand, plastic, Starblast, and baking soda.

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Trading General And Chemical

Kinds of tools are sold traded, there are some products that are offered especially for industry, and security

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Engineering And Contruction

An activity to build facilities and infrastructure including the construction of buildings (building construction), construction of civil infrastructure (Civil Engineer),

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Load - Unloading

Loading and unloading is considered to be taking the items to and from the vehicle and having a delivery signed for, but does not cover packing, unpacking or assembly.

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Waste Handling

Activities undertaken many living things produce waste. Excessive waste production can cause problems for the environment.

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Vacuum Truck Cleaning

A vacuum truck is a tank truck with a heavy duty vacuum designed to pneumatically load solids, liquids, sludge or slurry through suction lines typically 2-4" in diameter with 3" being the norm. The typical pump used in the industry is the rotary vane vacuum pump.


Our Strenght

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Our Vision 

"To be a Leader of Chemical and Tank Cleaning service provider by offering technology-based of the " Closed-loop" System and to be one of the premium industrial service provider in Thailand "


Our Mission

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